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Daniela Lugli Ometto (São Paulo, 1991), photographer.

     She started her career by photographing friends and theirs bands when she was still a teenager. She always carried a camera in her bag and was always very interested in artistically manipulating digital images. After graduating in Fashion (Santa Marcelina College, 2012), Daniela dove straight into the business and assisted professional photographers Rodrigo Bueno and Edouard Fraipont, where she was able to learn, work, and experiment in different areas of the trade. In 2013 Daniela studied at the International Center Of Photography in New York City and, over the years, developed her skills to specialize in product photography, shooting works of art for galleries and visual artists. In 2018, Daniela became head art and photography director for renowned jeweler Ara Vartanian, where she led all visual branding efforts.

     Daniela is a versatile professional and explores her creative limits in a wide variety of endeavors. Her personal output transitions between the digital and analog worlds through tactile photographic projects and visual processing. Her research is based on memories that take place in the universes we experience daily, the passage of time, life cycles, silence, and chaos. Daniela deconstructs images through manual techniques such as collages, ripping, and overlays. Her experiments on photographic surfaces are her way of constantly searching to redefine the traditional language of photography.


PARIS - SÃO PAULO  |  +33 07 88 57 81 38

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